2013 EV Grand Prix

June 8th, 2013

The Washington D.C EV Grand Prix was held at the National Harbor this year and featured the hard work and efforts of high school students from Maryland, DC, and Virginia.  Each school was given 2 lead acid batteries, a chassis, and a shell and their goal was to travel the longest distance in the allotted hour. This kit and competition gave the students hands on experience in working as a team, and in assembling a functional vehicle.After constructing their vehicles they tested them before race day to make sure the vehicles were functioning on all circuits. They moved the vehicle to the starting line.

Here the students would be tested by the twists of the course. And the car with the best combination of all categories for this competition was from Clarksburg High. This is a relatively new high school, and already they are taking the trophy in competitions.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 12.39.39 AM     Pepco

Hopefully this event will be held again in the future to show the advances of electric vehicle technology. And as the technology advances the competition will heat up.  Pepco, Mom’s Organic Market, SemaConnect, BEVI, and others sponsored this event and helped local high schools provide hands-on learning to their students. For more information about the event itself visit the 2013 DC Electric Vehicle Grand Prix website.