EV Battery Life to Double in Range

BMW is stirring up electrical vehicles news not only for its upcoming i3, to be released July 29th, but also for a recent statement by a BMW board member, claiming that in the next five years, technological advances would be made that will electric vehicles to travel twice as far on a single charge. Naysayers point to the i3’s impending release date, but many agree. With the exploding innovations in the field of lithium air technology- courtesy of Elon Musk and his Tesla motors- we have already seen the typical mileage jumpy from 75-100 miles per charge, to the Model S’s impressive 265 miles per charge.

The Model S is just the beginning. Next year’s Model X, and the eventual promised subcompact promise even further improvements to the technology. Tesla is far from the only company making strides in this field- with the booming number of patents being filed for the new super-material graphene, there are sure to be myriad other innovations in electric vehicle battery abilities, each more, shall we say, ‘electrifying’, than the next.

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