Quiz time!

Take this quiz!

Notice that most of us hate taking quizzes in school, (unless you’re that particular breed of student who gets their jollies off from a long, hard study sesh and whose sense of self-worth is closely tied to their gpa) but when the idea of a quiz is repurposed into a form of entertainment like in Cosmo magazine, we can’t resist. But put down that Cosmo (you don’t need a magazine to tell you how to please him) and test your knowledge of electric vehicles. Even after several days of intensive EV internet sleuthing, I still didn’t know a lot of the answers to this quiz. Clocking in at a 25%, looks like I still have a lot of test driving to do.

I did learn however that you can save $1000 a year by driving th electric Chevy volt versus its gas-powered twin. Norway has the largest EV ownership per capita of any country in the world, and their government is hoping to have 50,000 EVs on the road by 2018. I’ve been learning Norwegian in the hopes of someday living there, so this is great news. I don’t mean to give away too many answers, but kudos if you already knew them.

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