Superchargers are On the Road

Tesla Superchargers, which enable Model S drivers to achieve half charge in 20 minutes, are the most advanced charging stations. At the same time, Tesla has plan to increase the numbers of superchargers to 27 in this summer and aims to reach the coverage of 98% of Americans as well as part of Canada by 2016.

This is what would happen to Tesla superchargers in the future based on Telsa charging station planning.

Twenty times faster than the public charging stations, Superchargers represent the cutting edge technology of charging systems. Besides, superchargers are not affected by the weather and are open for business hours or even 24 hours. The location of superchargers are GPS-locatable and free of charge. Feel free to plan your trip with the assistance of available nearest superchargers in your Model S. Where are they located? Near the amenities like roadside cafes, highway diners and shopping centers where you would like to stop for a rest.


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