Every Mile More Money

Ever since I started driving a number of years ago I have been hesitant to drive places without a need to be there. Every time I left my house I was calculating the amount of money I was losing when I went to the mall, or to a friends house, and even when I drove to work. I drove a minivan that got about 25mpg, which for an old ’94 mercury was dern good. Yet, I have almost an anxiety about driving. The more I drive the more money I lose.

If I could not drive and still get to work, buy groceries, and hang out with friends I wouldn’t drive. Unfortunately I live approximately 20 minutes by car from most places, and the roads typically aren’t friendly to bicyclists. Thankfully what I drive now gets about 30mpg, but I still groan at the pump as the dollar climbs,”emmm.” I doubt I will ever be happy at a gas pump. But I know many people no longer have to make those less than cordial visits, and are paying about 1/3 of the price of gas to charge their cars. Those people went from “emmm” to “Mmmore mmmoney in mmmy pocket!”

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