How Much Can You Save By Driving EVs?

Being uncertain on how much money EVs could help to save in the long-term? That could be a great question that most of the drivers concerned about. As we known, the cars to an individual or a family is crucial important in numerous ways. Americans want their cars be comfortable, be sturdy and even be sexy almost in any case and go company with them as long as possible. Unlike shoes or clothes, they are not supposed to change frequently.

So this is obviously a long-term investment, which are expected to be economic in the long run. Judging from the consideration of budge saving, EVs ( includes hybrid and all-electric) save you a lot of money! 

Based on the statistic of U.S. Federal Highway Administration, the average mile of American drivers is under 40 miles per day, and the range of EVs, though still needs improving in the coverage, is large enough for a personal route demand. Let us make a rough calculation, assuming conventional cars need average 25 miles/gal, then on 100 miles base, the cost for traditional cars are nearly $14 (using gas price: $ 3.48 /gal in MD). However, it costs only $ 0.39 for EVs drivers by consuming 30 kWh (based on $0.13/kWh price of electricity), which saves almost 72% covering the same 100 miles. 

Therefore, you can get some picture of how economic EVs are in the long run, it is too quick to make comments by simply comparing the cost of car at the first glance.

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