Electric Vehicle Charging Networks in the US and Abroad

By the year 2015, there will be 200 of the above charging stations dotting the highways in the Netherlands. They will be able to equip a variety of different electric vehicles, and will be able to fully charge a car in 15-20 minutes. The stations will be no more than 31 miles apart from each other, allowing cars in dire straits easy access to a charging station. Additionally, the buildings that house the chargers will have photovoltaic panels to supplement the energy provided.

This system is dissimilar from a variety of charging station networks being constructed in the states. The Tesla Superchargers will only be for Teslas, the General Motors charging stations only for GM cars. Nissan, too, is getting in on the action, with a network of fast-chargers scheduled to go up at LEAF certified dealerships nationwide, which will provide 80% juice in 30 minutes. The trend, both nationally and internationally, answers the growing EV market’s demand for charging stations, as well as driver’s range anxiety, a product of the current lack of charger availability, especially in some parts of the country.

The Dutch method seems to be more of an answer, than the manifold approach of the US manufacturers. A nationwide network, that ensures reliability and a relief to anxiety is preferable to a piecemeal approach to charging security any day.

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