Emissions Free Racing with Formula E

via autoblog.com

via autoblog.com

The emissions free, all-electric version of the classic Formula One is finally here, with its inaugural season fully scheduled for next year, starting in Rome, with two stateside stops in Los Angeles and Miami (Unfortunately, not one in Baltimore, despite our own burgeoning Grand Prix paving the way.) Excited? So was I, surprisingly. In the world of race car driving, I have always felt oddly pigeonholed into nonexistence. While speeding cars may be fun to look at, I could never justify the extreme levels of fuel guzzling, evidenced in the shimmering clouds of exhaust hovering over the pavement.

Formula E offers a reprieve from that unfulfilling experience. Whats more, the as-yet infant racing series is in the process of scooping up Formula One teams, according to Autoweek. Probably not any current big names the first time around, and while it might be a while before Red Bull gets on board, the promise for the future is large. Still, three renowned teams are confirmed so far, with the first US team none other than Andretti Autosport, led by racer Michael Andretti, and more teams are sure to follow soon.


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