A New Kind Of Gear Head

Model S, White

Yesterday my friend Dylan showed me a gaming and tech site that reviewed Tesla’s Model S…

Hang on. What?! A gaming site, you know Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo reviewed the tech of the Model S.

IGN, I gotta know what prompted you to review a car! You aren’t a car company some would say that it ain’t your place, but you hit every single point and then some that are in the Car and Driver video! IGN’s review is extensive and they are still waiting to publish some of their material at the time of this being written.

Some of the things IGN talks about are the obvious: the range, the cargo space, the stylized interior and exterior, the horsepower, the 0-60 and the torque. But what they highlight far better is how customizable both the 17” center display and the speedometer display. IGN also talked briefly about the graphics card and the 3G in the Model S.

All of this is frying my circuits. Why did a gaming network do a better job at this than those who have been reviewing cars for years and years? All this new technology is shifting the paradigm. Within the culture of gamers something exceptionally different has arisen… They no longer need fuel lines, or engines, or transmissions, and even the need for braking is reduced. The major organs have become obsolete. A new breed is awake and alive.

See IGN’s Review: http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/07/18/tesla-model-s-review

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