Small Changes Make Great Impact!

Last week, we had a chance to visit General Motors Baltimore Operations and we are presented with advanced motors technology that different from what GM did before. Guided by the test manager in GM, we started our tour from wire forming, wire insertion, twist, varnish, magnet insertion, assembly (GXE & GRE) to quality testing. No one can deny that each step is of great importance given in the whole picture of the production.  Though some process could kill my brain at first glance when numerous wires go across with one another. I could feel the passion and the responsibility that root in the staff’s heart.So impressive! Gradually, I realize one thing that used to unclear to me: what they persist in doing is more than their bread and butter, I can sense they are motivated by what they do since they believe each piece of efforts is significant, they treasure the feedback of customers, they know the new technology can make a difference.

Also, it is happy to learn that GM is taking increasing awareness on green initiative, and more EVs model available in 2013 such as Chevrolet Volt, Spark. GMC Yukon Hybrid, GMC Sierra 1500 Hybrid and Cadillac Escalade Hybrid. we could see EVs’ development, even taking baby step currently, it can turn out to be a huge leap

4 responses to “Small Changes Make Great Impact!

  1. Eudora,
    I love your passion for EVs. How many motors do they make per year in Baltimore? Is this the only place that GM makes these electric motors? What do they project? More jobs in Baltimore in 2014?

  2. Charlie,
    Thank you. I think EVs is the vision of future, people just need time to feel comfortable to this energy transition. As for GM operation, they made around 315K motors last year. And it is the only place where GM makes e-motors in Baltimore. We did not ask specific question as for jobs in coming year. But I could tell the employees are into this operations and they are confident about their green initiatives such as installing solar panels on the roof and to increase renewable energy use.

  3. Also, I have to mention that the Baltimore Operations facility is not only the first but also the only world wide facility that manufactures electric motors designed by GM. And Spark EV- GM’ only all electric vehicle, is powering by these GM designed and built motors, which changed the situation of depending on third party suppliers for hybrid electric vehicles in the past.

    As for the number of the production I found above, it is only the number listed on the website, but in actual case, the production numbers will fluctuate according to the customer demand. I remembered the staff said figures are GM confidential information. Besides, since it has been in production for less than a year, so its hard to answer that question.

    But there is definitely many projects since GM Baltimore Operations has a very broad powertrain product portfolio; they manufacture heavy duty transmissions, hybrid transmissions, electric drive units, and electric motors. We can tell for the forefront automotive corporation like GM, especially as they have new interest in electric motors, an increasing number of technically skilled workers are needed to go further in the advanced manufacturing accomplishment in Baltimore.

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