Graphene and its Potential For…..Everything


I’ll keep it simple. Never heard of graphene before? Neither had I. Made from Graphite, this material is something of a ‘Jack of All Trades’- that is, if the Jack is a combination of bodybuilder strength, brooding good looks, and holds an encyclopedia of knowledge behind its deep, blue eyes….

Ahem. Back to the point. According to the New York Times, a paper-thin sheet of graphene stretched over a coffee cup could protect it from breaking under the weight of a truck that focused on on a spot the size of a pencil tip. Unbelievable? Open your mind! This material will revolutionize technology in almost every field. From touchscreens, to invisibility cloaks (University of Texas at Dallas used graphene to make one), to invisible missiles (being commissioned by Israeli army), the innovations and inventions are endless. In the handheld technology field, IBM, Samsung, and Nokia are racing to be the first, the best, and the brightest.

Graphene will allow for enormous strides in the solar energy field. Jeffrey Grossman, of MIT, says graphene solar cells will yield 10,000 times as much energy as the fossil fuel equivalent. While reaching a number of that level is down the line, graphene immediately allows for Solar panels to be 50x-100x more efficient and that’s a bright future right there.

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