Plan an Electric DriveWay Party!

Plug In America, another hub for EV news, has an entire page dedicated to planning what’s called an “Electric Driveway Party.”  They offer a party planning guide with sample invitations and talking points.  The purpose of the driveway party is for an EV owner to allow their friends and neighbors– often people who have never been up close to an EV– to learn more about electric vehicles and perhaps get a chance to drive one.  The planning guide suggests have an EVSE visible and in-use during the party, visible solar panels if possible, and a planned test-drive route.  Plug In America even offers a page entitled “reaching out to skeptics” with suggestions on how to rebut the inevitable cynic.  If I ever am lucky enough to own an EV, I will be sure to host a driveway party.  This is a great idea!


For more info: Plug in America’s Electric DriveWay Party Kit 

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