Plug-in Market is Growing

I can sense more and more automakers are prepared for the electric transition and incorporate EVs into a daily sustainable life instead of the alternative or back up car. The innovation of technology and mass production could help with the big expense as only a high profile EV. Plug-in market is not a matter of existing or not, it is a matter of when for most car companies.XL1_10

Volkswagen, the biggest German automakers, claimed to invest further on automotive electric technology to let XL 1 lead the way, though no more than 250 unit for the first production. XL1 is a chic and eco with its plug-in hybrid and scissor-door. It combines a couple of efficient strategies such as plug-in hybrid system, smooth aerodynamics, severe light-weighting, enable the car covers 110 km on a single liter of fuel.

   VW XL 1

The interior of the car is wide in the front leaves enough space for the  battery packs and luggages, it can also beat 30 miles of all electric from 5.5 Kwh battery. Though it is not sure whether this car will come to U.S., XL1 brings excitement for VW EVs in Germany.


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