It’s Time for EV Price Cuts

Just like how I’d love to own a pair of Jimmy Choos but opt for the Target brand heels since they are so much cheaper, many drivers wish they could buy an electric vehicle but don’t because of the lofty price.  However, just like annual sales come to my rescue, price cuts are coming to the rescue of wannabe EV drivers!  Ford, Nissan, and Honda are all cutting prices on their electric vehicles and Chevy is looking to cut their Volt price in the near future.   At our tour of the GM plant last week, we learned how affordable the Chevy Spark EV is going to be.  Fiat is even offering a rental car program for EV drivers if they need to drive heavier loads or drive out of the 70 mile EV range. Things are looking up for EVs.  Hopefully, consumers notice these price cuts and start seeing EVs as less of a splurge and more of a long-term investment.

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