Barriers Ahead Serve as the Charging Station of Our Action!

Dr. Cindy Parker, a professor in Johns Hopkins University who has worked in sustainability and public health for many years. It is true that EVs are difficult to become widely accepted immediately at the time being, but we should not quit when coping with environmental issues like this one.  As she put it, “Americans have a lot of expectation for their cars:” we do not want to change your car weekly or monthly, instead, most people hope their cars to meet demands in every scenario such as going to and coming back from work, picking up kids, travelling, shopping and making longer trips.  However, the limited battery range and high cost of EVs makes it hard for people to justify buying them, which places EVs as secondary candidates for cars instead of the primary ones.

Beside, she pointed out the problem that those who can afford EVs are in the upper class but may often have less concern with environmental problems, while the people who are willing to reduce emissions do not have the means to purchase an EV.  In this case, Dr. Parker suggested the addition of more business incentives to encourage EV purchases.  She also believes that if more government officials drove EVs there would be more EV support and more positive pushes for EV infrastructure.   She also suggested starting from a different platform and shifting the focus to business and industry fleets.  We could start with local post office cars or UPS trucks.  Then, after the public has become more familiar with EVs and some of their doubts have been removed, individuals could become more open to purchasing their own.

Finally, Dr. Parker is also a firm supporter of public transportation and she believes that developments in this system could greatly reduce our consumption of energy and help to mitigate climate change.

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