Leaps in Green Car Sales


It is hard not to be excited about green, energy-efficient cars. Snazzy, sleek, eco-friendly and less or no money spent on gas? Sign me up! Apparently I am not the only one being signed up, since Green Auto Blog reports a 35% increase in green car sales over last year’s numbers. This year in general has been a good year for green car sales, with January topping the previous year by 58%, and May by 30%.

While these statistics reflect all kinds of electric cars as well as hybrids, they are fed in particular by an increasing demand for plug-in electric vehicles, such as the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt, more than an excitement for hybrids, as has been the case in the past. This consumer demand for electric vehicles is particularly of note in the sales numbers of General Motors, which show an all over decrease in their numbers, except in those of the Volt. Perhaps this will encourage further development, and the implementation of a larger fleet of available electric cars?

These numbers for June (as well as this year) are remarkable, especially when taking into account that Wunderkind Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors doesn’t report their monthly sales ratings, and therefore wasn’t even factored into the 35% increase. It’s not as if they are having any problems though, what with their repayment of their Department of Energy loan, nine years before its due date.

Focusing on electric, or even focusing on plug-in electric, makes the 35% number jump even higher. With the growing trend of electric vehicles, and the growing number of available electric vehicles, it is a better time than ever to take that step in purchasing that electric car. Infrastructure is rapidly being implemented countrywide, by cities, states, and notably again by Tesla, which solves that question on drivers’ minds: but what if I lose my charge? Where do I juice up? No longer a dilemma, the decision is simple.

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