EVs Prices are Going Down

It is the customer who set the value, and the businessmen know this. As the cost of electric vehicles become a major barrier compared with conventional cars, the cutting price strategy is spreading among a couple of EV automakers such as Ford, Tesla, Honda, and Fiat.

Meanwhile, it is happy to know that EV has achieved 385 percent sales increase in this past June compared with that of same period last year. Also, decreasing the price is not an optimal option since within the company do not want to blur the status of brand image in society. We are looking forward to the improvement of technology such as the performance of battery so that the automakers can decrease the cost and hit the sales at an acceptable price for customers at the same time.

For more information: http://www.brandchannel.com/home/post/2013/07/15/Automaker-EV-Price-Cuts-071513.aspx

2 responses to “EVs Prices are Going Down

  1. The chart you included shows many more millions of EVs being sold than gasoline cars. I think this has to be wrong. Where did this chart come from? The attached article says that 41,000 EVs were sold, not several million. Please correct this.

  2. Charlie,

    Thanks so much for pointing it out, I think the previous chart is a forecast which is not consistent with needs changing.

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