FacMan EV efforts at MICA

Facilities Management's electric truck

Facilities Management’s electric truck

Yesterday while using my youthfully reliable bi-pedal power to get to the studio space I spotted this little guy silently (keyword here) putting down an alley. It just occurred to me that maybe I’d never heeded these trucks because they’re SILENT, or MICA’s FacMan fleet has been expertly trained in stealth mobility. Like Pacman.

I could attend MICA’s next pseudo-democratic Student Voice Assocation meeting and suggest that MICA expands its electric vehicle employment. As crucial as our campus safety’s efforts are, I have observed they spend a fair amount of time stationed in strategic positions around campus with their engines on (read: “posting up” or “staking out” or “idling”). But what if they drove electric vehicles? As far as I know, unless they have business meetings at the distant bat cave, campus safety only patrols MICA campus and a diminutive neighborhood radius, so they would get great mileage at their slow cruising speeds. If MICA has the money to build a new dormitory in less than a year perhaps they have the money to support EV initiatives in various departments, or pay adjuncts more.

One response to “FacMan EV efforts at MICA

  1. So, how about starting an online petition to get the existing vans to stop idling when stopped, and to replace them ASAP with electric vehicles that don’t pollute our students.

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