Smart move

Until reading about the ELF, I really had no idea there was such thing as an electric assist bicycle. However, after reading about the ELF I decided immediately that I want one, and I want it asap. While cruising the land of the internets today, looking to see if VW has gotten aboard the EV train (which it has) I noticed a post about smart cars and some new electric developments that they have been making. I gave it a look and BAM! They make an electric assist bike too!

Screen shot 2013-07-23 at 9.36.17 AM

Check those out! Hanging out in the leaves, being all environmentally friendly. They even have regenerative braking! High tech stuff. And, they’re almost $1000 cheaper. In terms of awesome points, ELF is a sure winner. However, if it was up to me to buy one, I might just choose smart!


One response to “Smart move

  1. Electric bicycles can be tried, rented, or purchased at in Takoma Park, MD 7320 Carroll Ave, near the food coop and the fire station. Come kick the tires !

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