Top 15 alternative forms of transportation

All in all, what is the best part about electric vehicles? No sound pollution? Tax credits? Gas pump freedom? Arriving in the future?

I would say the zero carbon emissions, but let’s be real, no electric car is completely emission free unless it’s plugged into a grid completely powered by clean energy. It’s like buying organic blueberries from Venezuela in the dead of winter.

Electric vehicles should ultimately aim to lessen the environmental impact of our transportation sector. While it’s great that we have the access to nascent technology as EVs, the whole point is to reduce consumption, and anyone can do this without buying an electric vehicle by using alternative forms of transportation. Let me educate you on some possibilities, just some of the first things I could think of:

1. Tall bike

2. Pneumatic transport

3. Dog sled

4. Rickshaw

5. Pedal boat

6. Kayak

7. Horse

8. Beercycle

9. Segway

10. Feet

11. Heelys

12. Parkour

13. Covered wagon

14. Rollerskate

15. Unicycle

Plus the boring stuff like bike, bus, light rail or subway.

One response to “Top 15 alternative forms of transportation

  1. Bikes and mass transit are great, but don’t overlook the fact that many of our EV owners also have solar panels on their roof, meaning local power, not blueberries from Venezuela. And I buy wind power for all my home’s electricity needs, including charging my EV. I live in Silver Spring, MD, which is also the home of which sells wind power to homes and businesses. My bicycle shop is also 100% wind powered, just like my home. This is not hard to do. Just go and click YES !

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