An EV Road trip

One of the biggest problems with EVs is their lack of range.  For drivers who take longer road trips, an EV is still far from feasible.  Having to plan stops and time to wait for the battery to recharge would add to an already hassling experience.

 However, in a recent article on TriplePundit: People, Planet, Profit (a website I know our leader Jill would love), the idea of an EV road trip on Route 66 was proposed.


    Route 66, a popular tourist route, is currently suffering from low economic development and poverty.  This article suggested that automakers partner with state and local businesses to space out EV chargers along the route, drawing business and tourism. The article argues that this trip would appeal to baby boomers with disposable income or young adults looking for a “cool adventure.”

    This really isn’t a bad idea.  If automakers took it upon themselves to install chargers along well-traveled routes, like from San Francisco to Los Angeles, from New York City to Boston, or along routes in the middle of the country where charging infrastructure is really lacking, sales of EVs could really increase.  Range anxiety is arguably the biggest roadblock for EV sales.  If a company could advertise the feasibility of a road trip, using chargers that they installed, many consumers could be convinced to go electric.

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