Get your charge on at Harbor East

It's an extension cord.

It’s an extension cord.

Down at the ol’ moving pictures palace known around these parts as the Landmark Harbor East Theatre I had my first unexpected EVSE encounter while on my way to watch Monsters University (Highly recommended by the way, I’m sure Roger Ebert and your 6-year-old alike would have glowing reviews for it). We were on the hunt for a free parking space, which is a vicious game on a Friday night, and spotted an open spot only to discover that we weren’t qualified to park there because we, alas, were not in an EV. I found it was your standard level-1 120 volt station with a long retractable cord. Clearly no EV was to be found occupying the reserved spot, but nevertheless, it was there! Good job Landmark Harbor East Theatre parking garage, or perhaps the Harbor East conglomerate in charge of managing the parking garage for all the participating businesses, for choosing to support EV initiatives! I hope to be pleasantly surprised by spotting a level-2 or 3 charger around town sometime.

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