Plugs international

If you’ve ever traveled you know the importance of adapters. You show up exhausted and jet lagged and when you go to charge your cellphone, the unfamiliar little face of the foreign wall socket is staring blankly at the little face of your charger’s plug and then you’re pulling a face because nothing ever goes right when you’re traveling unless you’re Samantha Brown, in which case you have the best life ever.

I have a vision for a tiny niche market of plug adapters and voltage converters just for electric vehicles. It’ll be kind of like those places that convert your nostalgically precious VHS home videos into shiny DVDs with word art on the covers. At any other time in history this market would make no sense, but someday in the future it is completely possible that electric vehicle plug adapters will be a viable venture. Just imagine that there will be people rich and eccentric enough to fly their tricked out electric luxury vehicles across the pond.

Also note that currently the two widely available types of charging stations are level 1 and level 2, the difference being that level 1 is any old wall socket and level 2 are specific stations that put out 220v. To add to the long list of reasons why other countries are cooler than the States is that the standard voltage in most other places is already at 220 or higher. Even Somalia is rockin’ 220v/50hz power, and they have pirates. This essentially explains why your hair dryer will explode if you plug it in abroad, if you only have a plug adapter. However, power is much more expensive in most other places in the world outside of the United States. In November of 2012 the average price per kilowatt hour in the US was at $0.127 whereas the average in November of 2012 for the UK was €0.155, the Netherlands €0.213, France, €0.143. Convert that to € to $ and it’s like $$$.

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