Zero Motorcycles


Here is a great example of a complay very similar to tesla. They make top of the line products, they use electric motors, they look great, and the best part is they are new! Similar to Tesla, they have no legacy, making it much easier for them to have success. While other companies would preferably not obsolete everything they have ever done, these companies have a fresh start. They can develop new technologies without the worry of hurting their other products.

As you can see on the website, they have taken full advantage of this. They have created a line of bikes for all different walks of life. Dirt bikes, fast bikes, commuter bikes; they have everything but a Harley equivalent. And speaking of harleys, these bikes are silent. hardly a whisper comes out as they accelerate down the highway. I don’t know about you, but a motorcycle has never looked more tempting.


Sidenote: It turns out they are making stealth bikes under contract for the secret service! Looks like they’re going places!


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