Wireless Charger is Available

Source: Delphi

People have enjoyed the convenience of wireless service in many ways, and now, wireless chargers are brought into EV market. Bosch Automotive Service Solution, one of the providers for global installation service and electric vehicle charging solutions, unveils the first wireless charger available last month.

This new system, called Plugless L2 system, will have EV charged with a small launch pad, which make it possible for Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf drivers to charge their cars by driving over the system automatically. All commercial and home chargers installation and technical support will be coordinated by Bosch. However, the compatibility of Plugless L2 with other EV needs further improving.

You can find more charging options offered by Bosch, including the features and prices.

More chargers are deployed through EV project, the largest project supporting for EV charging infrastructure, granted from U.S. Department of Energy. This project is to help collect vehicles use and Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment data from diverse areas (21 metropolitan cities currently), aiming to evaluate the effectiveness of EV infrastructure at different locations. At the same time, the EV participant would have the rights to get free Blink Charge Service and a $400 credit for installation.

wireless charger

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