Nissan becomes the best EV seller in Europe

Based on the EV sales data for the first half of 2013, it is safe to say that the EV market is growing, though it is not a sharp rise. Maybe it is because of the price in Europe is much lower than that in U.S., which make the customers have stronger feeling in budget saving by having an electric vehicle. Also, It is surprising to know that EVs sale accounts for 3 percent in Norway car market, which would be equal to nearly 230,000 EVs on the road if the same car sales happen in America.

This year, Nissan has become the best seller in Europe EV market.

Best seller in Europe in the first half year in 2013.
Best seller in Europe in the first half year in 2013.

No emissions, no pipeline, all electric powered at an affordable price. It is comfortable to travel 80 miles with five adults after one single charge. Besides, Nissan can deliver a 60 mph time within 8 seconds and no shift gear is needed, which enable the car to get a sleek accelerating. As you may heard of its role in electricity demand management, the timer on dashboard could be adjusted to take advantage of off-peak time. Want to learn more about it? Check out here:



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