New Beast To Tame

For many years the electric car has been synonymous with tree hugging, and saving the environment. These ideas go against what many think cars should be about. Cars and motorcycles are about power, and speed! We long to feel the wheels peeling out, pushing our abilities to their limits as we drive.

We want to drive a wild animal. That simply is not the light the most of us see in electric cars. That light seems reserved for what we know to be sports cars, but even these sports cars had to have other people look at their power before they got popular. The beasts we drive are evolving to be faster and stronger. Soon enough the cars we know will be on the endangered species list within a niche market. These new animals are almost silent as they accelerate from 0-60. The only think you hear will be wheels squealing off the line, and wind blowing through your hair.


EV’s 0-60 mph

Chevy Spark: < 8.0 seconds

Honda Fit: 8.4 seconds

Telsa Model S 60kw: 5.9 seconds

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