The BMW i3 is here

The wait is over.  BMW has finally debuted their first all-electric vehicle:  the BMW i3.  This car has been highly anticipated for months and there certainly more than a few features to be excited about.

    It has a special LifeDrive architecture concept that separates the passenger cabin (Life Module) from the powertrain components (Drive Module) with different types of materials and placement of car functions.

    The i3 can fully recharge within 3 hours using a Level 2 charger.  Now that’s really giving BMW’s competitors a run for their money.  Not many BEVs can fully recharge in such a short time.

    There is an optional gasoline-powered range extender. It only has a fuel capacity of 2.4 gallons but it can approximately double the car’s range.

    Speaking of range, on a full charge, the i3 can drive 80-100 miles.

    In addition to already being an electric car, BMW has tried to integrate sustainability into other aspects of the i3’s design. The key is made from a bio-polymer material based on castor oil.  The owner’s manual is made from renewable resources. The interior is made from renewable and recycled materials. 25% of all plastics are also made from renewable or recycled materials.  Panel and wood trims use fibers from the Kenaf plant and responsibly-forested eucalyptus, respectively.  Olive-leaf extract is used to tan the interior leather.  If that’s not enough, the assembly plant in Leipzig, Germany uses wind-generated electricity.

     So this car seems like it’s got some great things going for it.  We will have to keep an eye on it in the coming months to see what the consumers say, but at the moment, things look promising.


For more info: Worldwide Debut of the All-New BMW i3

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