Tesla Model S Has Won the Top Test Score in Customer Report

A 99 out of 100, Tesla Model S earns the higest overall test drive as the frontier of electric vehicle. And it has its reasons to hit the top line.IMG_2900

I cannot agree more with it until I have a chance to experience its advantage myself. Besides the zero emission benefits, the driver can speed up to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds and it is super quiet with the regulation of controller between motor and battery, combining the technology of regenerative braking. Basically, the car can cover around 200 miles on one fully charge with slightly varies depending on the condition of the climate. Unlike the traditional way of plugging in the keys, the tasteful Model S key turns on automatically in your pocket once the driver buckles on the seat.

With the dashboard helps in monitoring the performance of the car, I would like to say the experience of driving your vehicles is like talking with your car, simply touch the screen, the glass roof is open with wide angle. Even more excited, the driver can do DJ inside Model S on the go. Since extra space is saved due to battery technology, you can keep your two big kids in the trunk and your baggage in the hood of the car. You may have heard Tesla’s free Supercharger Station is building to assist the car get the juice in time on the go.IMG_2887



As an old adage goes: give credit where credit is due. Tesla is improving, so does others EV automakers. Go Electric!


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