EV Helps in Get Out of The Embarrassing

The creative direction that combining the technology of solar energy or other clean energy into charging electric cars is too practical to deny its potential value. As a kid, I had a bike which could be powered by a small battery. I see some smart guys nowadays who try to install solar panel above the bike’s top, making use of sunlight and storing energy inflatable tunnels.

Nissan Nuvu

Nissan Nuvu

After viewing how EV motors make progress in the future, I think it is really neat! The cutting edge EV model that would be on show in 2015 car demonstrates the idea of future concept car as well as an improved motor technology. It is miniature sized and space saving, conscientious of struggle ofhow many times when driving around finding the parking place and how embarrassing it is when your car is stuck between  two other giant cars. Your EV knows your worries, and with its slim size, it makes it easy for you either to sneak into the slot or hit the road!

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