All The Way Up To 11!

The quieter the car…THE LOUDER THE MUSIC SOUNDS!!! We all love cruising to our tunes, anything from Foo Fighters to Metallica, or Flyleaf to Muse. Personally, I don’t think the drone of an engine adds much to the music experience, and many people agree. Haven’t you wanted to beef up their speakers in your car. Thinking to yourself, “If I could feel the kick and the groove of the bass I could feel the good vibrations.”

Typical engines compete with our Amp up to 11music. This is a simple problem and there is a simple solution. Take the engine out. Drive a car with a big motor! You won’t hear the whine of a pitiful engine behind the music. No. There will be your own private concert. Friends may say,”This car’s speakers are two notches higher! The other one only went up to nine.” Don’t try to convince them otherwise. You and I know… and it will be our little secret.

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