Electric Grandpa

Over 150 years ago a man by the name of Thomas Davenport designed a motor, and put it on a model car. He was one of the innovators of his time, and he paved the way for other vehicles, more than likely considered horseless carriages, to be powered by electric motors. At some point after this the internal combustion engine gained popularity. Many thought the internal combustion engine was the future even though it was visibly not as quiet or clean. Most of the combustion engines of that time were powered by coal, which let out thick clouds of smog as exhaust. It is true that coal is now used as a substitute for oil because it is arguably cleaner than oil, but it still is not as clean as we can get our energy to be.


For these reasons the US government has been pushing the developement of electric vehicles and alternative energy. In increasing the amount of funding for alternative energy we have been able to double the amount of renewable energy, namely wind energy, available. These measures that we are taking are leaps and bounds towards were we need to be in order to maintain the beauty that we all see in our community, our house, our environment. With these measures technology that was founded in the 1830’s is being revitalized. New technology is being designed with the old foundation. As this foundation is firmly set hopefully we will see these new vehicles put through their paces.

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