For EV drivers who are also internet users

Are you interested in electric vehicles? Do you currently humbly lease a practical Nissan Leaf or are you peeling through your midlife crisis in a roadster? Or maybe you are still wishing on an electric star, drawing hearts around electric motors in the margins of your class notes and hatching elaborate schemes to someday own your own. Maybe you recently had a dream that was an EV version of this act of outrageous philanthropy. You could be an enthused electric engineer who understands the veiled mysteries of the minute inner workings of batteries. Or are you an investor, hunting for the money bags in the trunk and under the seats of the electric vehicle industry?

No matter what your interest is, there is a place on the internet for you. I’ve compiled a list of online forums for every type of interest group, based on makes of available EVs.

This forums is for Fisker enthusiasts, or at least those who are still clinging to the last shred of hope that Fisker is going to safely navigate the seas of fiscal woes and produce the Atlantic, set for 2014. There are posts titled things like “Reason to stay hopeful” “It’s not over” and “Are we closer.” You can also post incredibly inane questions and no one is going to turn you away for sheer ignorance. Maybe you’ll spot Bieber on there posting some tips for chrome paint jobs.

Chevy Volt drivers have a colorful variety of forums to plug into.

This site is some sort of a “leader board” for Volt drivers, with data provided by OnStar about the miles driven, MPG and MPGe on individual Chevy Volts around the country. The names of these cars and car owners read like pacman high scorers.

GM Volt is probably the most comprehensive of forums for Volt drivers, where you can go to flaunt your lifetime MPG, talk about your lack of range anxiety and rant about the ignorant d-bags who call Volts hybrids and not EVs.

Of course there’s a facebook group because there’s a facebook group for everything. Inspirational photos and more lifetime MPG flaunting.

For the Nissan Leaf owner this is the most comprehensive forum, like the GM Volt one. Highlights are the Tips & Tricks page, and under the General Forum there is a thread just for “their experience as they pick up their Leaf.”

If you live in the bay and drive a leaf this is the forum for you. Commendable use of the bay leaf pun. Best section is the DIYs section where you can hook your leaf up. Open source lyfe!

This forum will probably attract the greatest variety of drivers, enthusiasts, dreamers and investors. You can nerd out about the build of the cars, find meetups all over the world, or discuss what you’re going to do with the buckets of money you’re making off TESLA stock, self-titled “Teslanaires.” Please read this thread about the sleep loss over stock anxiety.

There are plenty more forums for all EVs types like the Ford Focus, Coda Sedan and even Brammo motorcycles. The great thing about these forums seems to be that all the participants are earnest EV enthusiasts and there is a refreshing lack of instigating trolls, just very earnest EV owners.Plug in and nerd out!

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