Riding in a Tesla With Interns

This past week, the BEVI interns had the opportunity to take a trip into Washington D.C. accompanied by Jill Sorenson, our fearless leader and CEO.  Among our activities during the day was a stop at the Tesla showroom on K Street NW. What an experience! We spent a good amount of time just exploring the red model S on display, sitting in different parts of the car, adjusting the sound system while listening to Frank Sinatra, and looking up our own website on the 17-inch display browser.

My favorite feature had to be the door handles.  Strange, I know, but the things extend out from being embedded in body of the car! Look!

I was doubtful that the lovely people working at the showroom would actually let us get in the car, let alone drive in it.  But my dreams came true when they started to round us up for a test drive.  Shaking from excitement (and the Starbucks I had just guzzled), I climbed into the back with Toni and Eudora, while Bryan hopped in the passenger seat.  Our chauffeur for the ride was a wonderful College Park grad (whose name escapes me).  As we pulled into the street I shuddered, imagining having to drive a $70,000 luxury car at 4:30pm in D.C. traffic.

Our driver stepped on the accelerator, and VROOOOOM! We took off with the force of a rollercoaster and no sound but “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke playing through the radio.  We were whisked around the city for about 15 minutes, but it felt like only seconds.  I could’ve been content in that back seat for hours.

I’m pretty sure I gushed about this experience to at least 20 people over the weekend after our trip.  It’s something I truly will never forget!

Screen shot 2013-08-05 at 2.16.41 PM


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