White House Petition for EV Infrastructure

We The People, the White House’s website for civilian petitions, has a petition with 389 signatures which asks the administration to create a network of fast-charge EV chargers across the country, no more than 50 miles apart, to support the growing electric vehicle community and encourage future buyers. Fast-charging stations allow a car to charge in 20-30 minutes, and greatly reduce potential ‘range anxiety’ typically associated with electric vehicle driving..

The petition cites “reduced pollution, noise and dependence on foreign oil” as the societal benefits of eventual large-scale switch to electric vehicles. EV ownership is increasing exponentially, and a large scale network is of growing importance because of that. It also visually puts electric vehicles into the forefronts of drivers’ minds, increasing the likelihood that they choose an EV the next time they go to a car dealership.

The petition, started by a San Antonio resident, is shy of its goal of 100,000 signatures (the amount required for a White House response) by quite a bit.

So do your part! It has until August 22nd, and valuable time is ticking away. We regret to remark here that the petition to allow Tesla to sell directly to consumers, which did reach its goal of 100,000 signatures, has yet to be responded to, but we hope that the White House will give both petitions their due.

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