EV Roadmap 6 workshop

This ship has already sailed, July 30-31st to be exact, but it’s worth reading about this year’s EV Roadmap 6 workshop, held in Portland by EV Roadmap. EV Roadmap 6 was an event organized by EV Roadmap to bring together key players in the Pacific Northwest’s burgeoning electric vehicle industry. Could we take a leaf out of their book (I’m sure they have many—leaf pressing is a classic nature walk activity in Portland and kindergartens everywhere) and put together an event like this for players in the EV industry here in Maryland? Including sponsorship by a hotel as fancy as the Heathman? The EV industry is in its exciting early stages, and EV Roadmap is putting forth a great effort to unite early adopters. (Note the sure hilarity of all the post-EV boom hipsters who will be saying “I drove an EV before they were cool” or “Oh Tesla? Yeah I liked their early stuff way better; they totally sold out.”)

The theme of this year’s workshop held in Portland was “Drivers take the spotlight” as they focused on “user experience” with EVs and EVSE, as well as discussing the merits of other exploding industries like cellphones and ATMs and car sharing programs. They invited speakers such as the vice president of Portland General Electric, John Voelcker, editor of Green car reports, various leaders in the electricity/transportation sector of Oregon and Washington.

Like any productive conference, I’m sure they had some great boxed lunches and made many cross-industry connections. Check out this page for a whole host of the uniformly “techy” logos of the involved EV partners.

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