9258 Miles In An EV

Citroën Berlingo Electric

The Citroën Berlingo Electric car surpassed the record of 10,000 km in 2010 in unassisted travel with an authoritative 14900 km, or 9258 miles! This feat was the second of four challenges for the French automaker Venturi, and in this challenge the Berlingo endured this trail from Shanghai to Paris by traveling anywhere from 186 to 248 miles per day. Admittedly, 250 miles is not that far for most vehicles, but consider that most electric cars have a range of around 85 miles, but this has a battery range of 310 miles per charge.

The makers at Venturi were not testing for charge range. Venturi tested battery life in the real world. Many people are hesitant about buying an electric car because they are not sure about what will happen to the batteries after few thousand miles. And from the results of this expedition it looks like consumers can start to relax. The fear of the unknown is fading with electric cars, because as we advance we learn more about how durable electric vehicles are.

If you want to check out the video of their journey the link is below. Just note, that it is in french, with english subtitles.


Shortly after this journey in 2010 the record was again broken by a different company, but Venturi is planning a trip that will be over 30 thousand km, and by again pushing battery technology to the limit. Until that time Venturi has other challenges to conquer.


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