Need to charge your EV? Head to IKEA

IKEA is the college student’s playground.  Its cheap furniture and endless marketplace also attract the recently married and recently moved.  I was actually just there with my two roommates to order all of our apartment furniture.  If you don’t mind lugging large cardboard boxes around (and potentially crushing your finger like I did), and assembling your own “VITTSJÖ” then IKEA is a great deal!

IKEA has a commendable number of sustainability initiatives.  They promote the use of LED lights, energy-efficient appliances, sustainably sourced textiles and wood, recycling, and they have solar panels installed on the roofs of many of their warehouses.  Two years ago, Ikea installed 31 Blink Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at 9 stores.  Now they are planning to add 24 more at 8 more locations.  This brings them up to 55 total chargers nationwide (IL, GA, PA, TX, AZ, CA, OR, WA).  They have installed these chargers through a partnership with ECOtality, Inc.

IKEAs are almost always located in large retail centers, which means that these chargers will be available to many consumers.  Their US President also cites their recognizable and visible color scheme as a benefit to those searching for chargers.  As EVs continue to grow, we need more big retailers to commit to installing chargers.  Everyone needs to go furniture shopping, or clothes shopping, or grocery shopping and by installing chargers, these stores will attract EV drivers who appreciate a free refueling.

So next time you need to purchase a new “NYVOLL” (that’s a bed), drive on over to IKEA in your EV and give it a charge while you stock up on furniture and Swedish meatballs.

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