Back In 2011…

Two years ago an article was published on the site:

In this article the author, Nick Chambers, discusses how much he saved on fuel for using and maintaining his electric car. He mentions that he basically pays 1/3 of the cost of fuel to charge his car, and he also never has to take his car in for an oil change. This, I am sure, helps relieve an unnecessary headache. Getting oil changed can be a hassle at times, and now you can make one less trip to your mechanic. Personally I feel that the less time my car is in the shop the better.

Another great thing about this site is that if you scroll down to the comments you see other people’s stories of how much money they have saved, and how much they save now that they drive an electric car. One person calculates that he saves over 1700 dollars (1150 British pounds).

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