Battery Life

Many people are wary of buying electric cars for a number of reasons. One I have heard a few times is an uncertainty about the life span of the vehicle. Will I be able to get 200 thousand miles out of it? Will the warranty actually cover the cost if my battery fails? And the question that we all want an answer to: what about after the warranty?

Fortunately this information is there for the wise consumer. Most electric cars run have either a Lithium ion battery or a Nickel Metal Hydride battery. There are many similarities between these two technologies. From and I have found that these can usually get 400 charge cycles, some times less and some times more. A charge cycle is using 100% of the charge then recharging the battery. Another example would be to use of 50% recharge then used another 50% and recharge. There could be anything in between that too.

Most electric cars on the market now have a range of around 80 miles per charge, and at around 400 cycles this gives the battery a life span of 32 thousand miles give or take. There are some vehicles that have a better life span, but not all cars are made equal.

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