The Tesla Model S Dashboard Display

    Let’s take a closer look at the dashboard display in the Tesla Model S.

tesla dashboard

    It sort of seems like an Ipad on steroids at first glance.  It’s a 17 inch touch screen display that can do everything from opening up the sunroof, to changing the car’s suspension to browsing the web.  Reviews have applauded this addition to the world’s “first premium all-electric sedan.  Here are some other things it can do:

  • adjust headlight settings
  • monitor doors, lights, and turn signals
  • change the regenerative braking settings
  • control heat and air conditioning
  • play music (both terrestrial and HD radio)
  • navigate using a satellite map display
  • chart acceleration and regenerative braking patterns
  • display a rear-view camera
  • store contacts and call them
  • respond to voice activation
  • and many, many, many more things…

While this display seems revolutionary, I wonder how it will affect drivers.  There is a huge stigma against texting and driving.  I feel that this could provide an even bigger distraction.  I guess we’ll have to see as the Tesla Model S starts slowing showing up on more and more roads.

See more images here: 2013 Tesla Model S Dashboard Display

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