Tell your elected officials “I’m Stuck”

While Baltimore is no Los Angeles, traffic is still a chronic nightmare and an unfortunate routine of the commuter’s daily life. Depending on the data, Baltimore ranks somewhere in the top 10-20 cities in the country for worst traffic and commute. Sitting in a car as it idles on the freeway is not only a waste of valuable time that could be used productively, the unnecessary waste of fossil fuel emissions is harmful to the environment.

I’m Stuck wants to change this, by creating an avenue for commuters to reach the people with the power to change the plight of their commute: their representatives and senators. The mobile application allows users to directly contact their political representative, about any kind of congestion problem, be it a delayed bus, over-crowded train car, or lengthy wait in traffic.

I’m Stuck creates dynamic of ‘Customer Satisfaction’ around traffic, providing an easy way to give and receive feedback. The average commuter does not come home after a long day that ended with a 45 minute sojourn on the Beltway and think “Let me find the email of my district representative and tell them about my travel problems”. The average commuter barely realizes such steps could be taken. Crucial and usable data heretofore had no way of being recorded and utilized, but I’m Stuck wants to change that status quo.

I’m Stuck was created by the infrastructure advocacy group Building America’s Future, which is led by former governors Arnold Scwarzenegger and Ed Rendell, and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

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