Our Future Needs EVs

green car      There is no denying that transportation contributes to the second largest share of GHG emissions in U.S., following power plant sector. This reminds us again the significant impact of transportation have on the environment. Besides, it is not surprised to hear that transportation accounts for nearly 2/3 of petroleum use in U.S., threatening the energy available problem. The hospital cases about health problem relating with air pollution make the even the billionaire feel helpless. History has shown more than once that if the nature loses, so do we.

Putting all pieces into a whole picture.Put all data together, we could feel strong necessity to care about the environment we leave for the next generation and protect our planet while continuing to develop our economy. And EV does help to reach a win-win situation. Car owners drive more efficiently, economic and sustainable in the long run. Businessmen still gain profits in a favorable way to their health and offspring as well. It takes guts to give it a shot at the beginning, but you would feel how great this decision can turn out to be gradually. Even for the maintenance, it is much easier than gas-powered vehicles.

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