Tesla And Paypal Are Pals

Elon Musk the co-founder of Telsa Motors is quite the pioneer. Not only has he started up the youngest automotive manufacturing plant, in 2003, but he was also the co-founder of X.com in 1999. X.com is now known as Paypal. And in 2002 Elon Musk made a pretty penny off of the shares he held in Paypal when eBay purchased Paypal for 1.5 billion at that point his shares of 11.7% were worth 175 million. Undoubtedly some of that prize has gone to lift Tesla Motors onto the pedestal that they now stand.

Everything in Tesla’s manufacturing plant is state of the art. From the heart of Tesla’s model S to the skin, there is no detail that is not cross examined. One of the most important organs to customers is the skin, the paint job. The process of painting the model S is over a day and a half in painting. With this much emphasis on looks even the painting facility is breath taking.

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