The Tesla/Musk Powerhouse of Business Acumen and No-Nonsense Humility

Elon Musk’s humility, combined with his business prowess and verve could well be the downfall of his naysayers. Or, so Chinese businessman Zhan Baosheng is learning. Mr. Baosheng trademarked the name Tesla in China, and is asking $32 million for Tesla Motors to buy it off him. Despite a website of his own, Mr. Baosheng has no apparent plans for his fictitious electric vehicle company, only a flat and laughable attempt to fleece a burgeoning inventor’s company of their hard-earned cash.

To spit on his ‘offer’, Tesla counter offered $326,000 to release their name, just 1% of Mr. Baosheng’s asking price. To up the ante, they are also taking the businessman to court to fight the nonsense of his actions. Additionally, so as not to hold back their growth in the Hong Kong marketplace, they rebranded the company as ‘Tuosole’, which is Tesla translated in a native dialect, and are proceeding with building an enormous showroom and selling the car under that pseudonym.

This news comes after Mr. Musk, of Tesla, offered his less than stellar opinion of the battery life and performance of his competitor vehicles. His estimation holds clout, and is upheld by the Model S’s holding its own in sales next to the Leaf and Volt.

Musk is humble though– despite his enormous success (with Tesla, as well as his other ventures), he says that high value of his stock is undeserved, and that “we need to make sure we really knock the ball out of the park in the coming years.”

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