The Super Sub-compact Urban Vehicle Trend

Renault Twizy

A car that we in the US have never seen grace our roads, Renault’s Twizy pioneered the European car industry last year in becoming the continent’s best-selling electric vehicle while only having two seats, situated tandem style rather than in the traditional row. Shorter in length than the SmartforTwo, the Twizy also boasts a $12,300 base price, well below its competitors. The Twizy’s popularity marks a now expanding trend of micro cars, designed for urban dwellers who need basic transport, easy parking, and smooth road navigation.

A bevy of small concept cars flooded auto shows in response, with the Toyota Insect and the Honda Micro Commuter at the foreground. Toyota raised the bar with its driver-responsive technological additions, including voice and facial recognition. It failed with the maximum speed of 37 miles per hour, especially compared to the Twizy’s 50 miles per hour, but for a strictly-city denizen, no higher speeds would be needed.

Honda is moving into production with it’s Micro Commuter EVs road testing in Japan, for a future wide release. Designed to compete with the Twizy, the car will likely boast higher speed capabilities and a longer range.

Honda Micro Commuter

Honda Micro Commuter


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