Breaking EV Barriers

Considering it is still consume a lot of energy to have everyone their private car, it is true that developing the public transportation system is also a crucial step in decreasing the greenhouse gas emissions, which added more challenge for enlarge the adoption of electric vehicles. Also, we cannot deny the fact that the infrastructure of EVs needs improving. It is reasonable to ask question like how could EV drivers get their cars charged in time? DC fast chargers are too expensive to widely-adopted, level 1 takes more time than most people could tolerate, and the most public charger level 2, need extra cost and space to get installed at home, what if they do not have a garage, like most college peers?chargers

Today, when I am on way home, I am thinking is it amazing if we could switch parking meters or something like that to public charging stations, or every residual who has a charger at home could sign up for it, then we could make a huge connected charging network. For a future EV driver on the go, they can get their EVs charged simply by putting a few coins either in the charger along the road, in a reserved public neighborhood or an available residential charger, that is it! Life become much easier and convenient without worrying about the situation of stuck on the road and searching for charging stations!


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