Engineered To A Minimum

Confused ManMost EV manufacturers are designing their cars to go anywhere from 80 to 100 miles on a charge. This range makes sense based off the fact that the average person drives less than 50 miles a day. But, what does not make sense is that the people designing these vehicles know about range anxiety, and people still want to be able to travel around 200 miles without having to stop.

With a car that can only go 100 miles on a charge often you can’t make random trips. I like to pick up my friends, and carpool from one place to another. That means a few miles to get them, and then another twenty or so miles to get to where we want to be. By the end of the day that could easily be 70 to even 90 miles depending on where we go. Personally I drive around 50 miles a day. An electric car would work for me, but I would like to have a bit more cushion in my “tank.” I know for a fact that I am not alone in this. And there is an easy fix! Put a bigger battery in the car. That is the exact same thing as giving a gasoline car a bigger gas tank.

There was hope that BMW’s i3 would bring a bigger range to the electric market. Everybody puts BMW on a pedestal because their name is synonymous with quality German engineering, but it seems the consumers are paying for mediocrity wrapped in the beautiful BMW name. The i3 comes in boasting the same 100 mile range most other big name manufacturers are developing.

The only manufacturer that seems to have gotten the memo is Tesla. Their Model S has a range of over 200 miles on a charge. That gives the driver a good bit of wiggle room if they want to go on a trip on a whim. And with car sales I have heard most people don’t plan on buying the car they see while they are walking around the dealership, but the salesman helps the potential buyer act on their whims.


Why would makers knowingly design to this bottom end?


One response to “Engineered To A Minimum

  1. I’m sure these batteries are very expensive. I don’t have deep enough pockets to manufacture these machines. I do think that most major manufacturers have the pockets to do so, but they seem hesitant to develop electric vehicles with longer range. I have high hopes for the makers at Ford, BMW, and GM, but for now the maker that came in with the smallest pockets, I assume, Tesla Motors is running the market for long range electric vehicles.

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