EVs Across the Pond

Hello from Copenhagen, Denmark– officially the European Green Capital of 2014!  I am here studying sustainability in Europe for the semester and it has been amazing so far!  If you didn’t already know, or gather from their recent award, Copenhagen is a very environmentally oriented city.  The first thing you see when flying into their airport is an extensive offshore wind farm, the streets are dominated by wide bike lanes and public transportation, and consistently, it has been named one of the most livable cities in the world (and the happiest!)

When it comes to cars, very few people drive in Copenhagen compared to in other cities.  About 50% of Copenhageners bike to and from work every day– myself included!  But if you are a driver, it is a very good place to own an electric car.  First, because gas is expensive.  Cars are also enormously expensive, so if you choose to invest in one, you might as well invest in one that saves you money over time. Second, the charging networks are extensive, thanks to .  Better Place is a charging network focused on battery swaps.  They installed their first nationwide electric car network in Denmark in December 2012.  Many of these are battery swap stations that are unmanned and run 24/7.  If your car is not switch-equipped, quick chargers are also located at these swap stations.  In addition, typical Level 2 EV chargers exist around the city.  It’s an interesting approach to EVs, but batteries have been switched over 10,000 times already just in Denmark (they also operate in Israel.)  Watch the video below to learn about Better Place’s Approach.


A Better Place charger around the corner from school!

One response to “EVs Across the Pond

  1. Update! It was my mistake to not do some more extensive research on this company. It seems that Better Place went bankrupt back in May due to a lack of interest in further investment. However, I have still seen Better Place chargers around Copenhagen in use so the existing infrastructure must have remained. Look out for some better, and more current posts about EVs in Europe in the future!

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