Power Your Car Wirelessly: In NYC, you Already Can

HEVO Power, a New York City startup, says plug-in chargers will be a thing of the past. Founder Steven Monks says that EV drivers often forget to plug in their cars, back into charging units causing damage, and suffer faulty connections which can result in lofty repair charges. With this in mind, Monks created a technology he calls “electromagnetic resonance”, which will allow drivers to park and leave their car to charge, sans the use of a cord. His design will look like a manhole cover to blend into the street, and is capable of charging a car at the same rate as a plug-in charger.

Monks’s technology is geared, primarily, on electric vehicle fleets that are commercially employed. Working with a team of 12 NYU engineering students, he is working towards the ultimate vision: a wireless, charging highway.

His pilot program will go into affect in Washington Square Park next year, and will be accompanied by a smartphone ap that will allow users to locate the wireless chargers remotely.

A Volvo study out of Sweden shows the area of electromagnetic field charging is promising, which relies on the creation of an electromagnetic field rather than said field’s ‘resonance’. The technology is similar to that used to charge a toothbrush, and depends on an electromagnetic field generated by a base induction coil, that is then picked up by a corresponding coil in the receiving object, in this case, a car. According to Monks, his resonance method is more efficient.

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